IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Core

Provide VoLTE and multimedia services to your customers and maintain network profitability

IMS paves an evolutionary path towards an all-IP core and is the core controller of choice for long term evolution (LTE) networks offering VoLTE and multimedia services.

Our IMS core products will help you:

  • Optimize your existing network to improve margins on voice traffic, enhance user experience and prepare for the migration to an all-IP network
  • Evolve and converge your network to deliver voice and multimedia services across any network access
  • Manage internet traffic to cost-effectively deliver broadband services across all-IP networks and maximize performance

IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) offers a standardized, future-proof network architecture with open interfaces, guaranteeing interoperability in multivendor environments with maximum reuse of existing network gear.

We provide a path from mobile soft switching to IMS. It can easily be introduced to any Nokia Open Core deployment, whether it is MSS or PaCo, and no matter which vendor’s network you are using. To dynamically react to changes in the demand of network capacity, our IMS is part of Nokia’s telco cloud system.

Our IMS products are easy to implement due to pre-integration with best-of-breed third-party products and include the most flexible routing and adaptation mechanisms on the market.

What can Nokia Networks offer?

Our IMS-based product portfolio is tailored to deliver efficient voice and multimedia services independent of the access – mobile, wire-line or cable.

We deliver LTE, VoLTE and rich communications.

Our IMS Core products include the CFX-5000 SIP Core Controller (CSCF), PCS-5000 Policy Control Server (PCS)CMS-8200 Home Subscriber Server (HSS/DRA) and Open TAS.

The business benefits

  • IMS core for LTE maintains operators’ revenue from services available today, such as  voice and messaging, and provides even better quality to improve your customers’ experience
  • A rich communications environment on top of voice helps you keep up with the growing demands of your customers and makes their mobile access even more pleasurable and central to their lives
  • A standardized and well-tested end-to-end solution reduces integration risk
  • A single core for all network access types and a common provisioning and management system helps decrease operational costs

Why Nokia Networks?

We provide the most robust and field-proven IMS, gained from a global footprint of more than 50 commercial IMS contracts serving any access. Additionally, we are the core of the core of the world’s largest live LTE network, that of Verizon.

Learn more about how our IMS core products can help you.