Evolved Packet Core (EPC)

Manage the explosion in data and signaling traffic with future-proof Evolved Packet Core from Nokia Networks.

Nokia Networks Core: Works Like Magic

The increasing popularity of smartphones and the growing demand for data-hungry services is putting networks under pressure.

At the same time, flat rate data policies have focused of you on customer experience as a key objective. Differentiation happens at the service edge of flat all-IP networks, and end-to-end functionality is needed for intelligent resource utilization and service experience.

Make sure your networks can handle the explosion in data and signaling traffic and give your end users the quality of service they demand.

Our Evolved Packet Core (EPC) solution manages broadband connectivity for mobile subscribers’ data services to the Internet, your networks or corporate networks.

Intelligent IP Edge combines traditional packet core network functions with value-adding capabilities like Evolved Packet Core (EPC), service intelligence, video and content optimization, Wi-Fi offload, content caching, policy control enforcement, real-time reporting and trend reporting, and content security into a single network element – the Flexi NG.

With that we help you to increase revenues by offering new differentiated services, enhance customer satisfaction, reduce churn, attract new subscribers, and minimize your investment.

EPC allows you to upgrade your existing networks to cater to new radio access like LTE or LTE-Advanced as well as supporting existing mobile technologies. The EPC architecture is an evolution of existing 3GPP mobile networks and is essential in migrating to next-generation mobile broadband.

EPC is based on our Open Core System, with Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) components built on the Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA). This flat network architecture makes EPC a future-proof investment, upgradable with software only.

What can Nokia Networks offer?

Flexi Network Gateway (Flexi NG)

Take advantage of our unique gateway flexibility with simultaneous four-dimensional scalability. Our Flexi NG product provides optimal balance between throughput, signaling capacity, session density, and independent DPI scalability. Find out more about Flexi NG

Flexi Network Server (Flexi NS)

Flexi NS is a highly efficient SGSN/MME with superb energy efficiency and intelligent features to optimize capacity usage. As a fully scalable solution, it can be expanded to meet your needs as your subscriber base grows. Find out more about Flexi NS

PCS-5000 Policy Control Suite

PCS-5000 is a powerful policy control server suite for convergence of mobile networks and fixed access which supports rapid and flexible policy creation for today’s mobile broadband and for data and voice with LTE. Find out more about the PCS-5000

Why Nokia Networks?

Nokia Networks is a world leader in packet core with more than 280 customers in over 110 countries, serving more than 900 million mobile broadband subscribers worldwide.                                 

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