Serve atOnce Device Manager

Nokia Networks market leading Serve atOnce Device Manager (SADM) plays a key role in managing and improving the customer experience. Provide easy-to-use data services across a range of devices while reducing OPEX through lower marketing and customer support costs.

Your customers are accessing services through a wide range of devices. Making sure you can provide the same services across the whole range is vital if you are going to make the most of the growing demand for data services.

With Serve atOnce Device Manager (SADM) automatic device configuration, you’ll be able to improve your customers’ experience by making sure that their devices work on first use, regardless of what device they choose in today’s market full of choices, increasing take-up of new services and providing a faster roll-out.

You can reduce your customer support costs with our SADM automatic error correction and self-care. Users can retrieve configurations and download new firmware or applications without needing to call customer support. If your customers do need to call you, our solution will automatically send you all the relevant information on their device so you can solve problems faster.

We’ll also help you get detailed information on the devices your customers are using. You’ll see real-time device capabilities and how many customers are using particular devices or features. Knowing what user’s devices are capable of, you’ll be able to make informed decisions on what new revenue-generating services to offer.

SADM helps with traffic steering in today’s heterogenous networks by optimizing the load between Wi-Fi and the cellular network.

  • Customer care savings from a 20% reduction in calls to customer care shortly after deployment, payback on their investment in under 3 months and 270 k€ in annual savings by reducing the number of customer care calls related to incorrect settings (APAC operator).
  • Reduced OPEX with a simplified solution (no additional HW) and automated processes effectively integrated into the network and business processes (European operator)
  • Improved end-user experience - 70% decrease in data connection failures, increase in data usage for customers using non-operator variant devices (European operator)
  • Increase revenue by ensuring service take up – increase in active GPRS data subscriber base from 1.1 million to 7 million (Indian operator)

Why Nokia SADM?

We are the leaders in device management with nearly 18% market share (Analysys Mason report Dec 2012).

Carrier-class SADM in 89 deployments worldwide, including large multi-region or multi-national projects that serve 1 billion subscribers, give us broad experience and deep expertise.

Our solution gives you the ability to manage 9,000 devices including iPhone and Android smartphones as well as a large number of lower-end devices. We recognize 70,000 different device types. Combined with our device capability database, this provides valuable insight into your device networks. Our unique flexibility and functionality across multiple platforms, our size and strategic focus to provide scale and continuity, our best-in-class multivendor device support and our in-house network experience to minimize project risk for demanding network integration projects all make us the ideal choice for your automated configuration needs.