Liquid Radio

Active, Adaptive, Aware - the most dynamic radio access available

Tomorrow’s radio access networks must be active and adaptable in order to manage different technologies, as well as taking advantage of more frequency bands and deploying small for high density networks cost-effectively. Network configuration and optimization must be aware, allowing maximum radio network performance and minimal operating costs.

Nokia Liquid Radio is Active, Adaptive and Aware.

Active – unleashing capacity
Radio access products that are versatile enough to perform many different roles can take an active part in handling traffic and unleashing hidden capacity.

Adaptive - steering traffic to match demand
Liquid Radio Software Suites for GSM, WCDMA and LTE ensure radio access can adapt to meet changing traffic conditions, enhancing coverage and capacity good for today’s communication. Liquid Radio Software Suites deliver adaptive solutions for operators at every stage of their operations to help better manage unpredictable traffic demand.

Aware – ensuring capacity across any platform
Using Self Organizing Networks and traffic steering, Liquid Radio network becomes aware of radio access needs. It seamlessly and dynamically blends and steers coverage and capacity using available spectrum, coordinating macro cells above the roof tops with lower level smaller cells.

The business benefits

  • increases the efficiency of mobile broadband networks
  • improves the user experience and so drives customer loyalty
  • helps prepare networks to meet 1,000 more demand by 2020

Why Nokia Networks?

Every day a quarter of the world’s population connect using Nokia Networks infrastructure and solutions. This experience helps us to achieve continuous improvements in the quality and efficiency of our networks and products.

Nokia Liquid Radio is a unique offering in the industry providing unmatched evolution to the future.