Liquid Net

We’ll help you overcome conventional network limitations and flow spare capacity where it is needed, when it is needed.

Today’s customers use the internet wherever they are, switching from fixed to mobile broadband networks as they move around. They are constantly using new devices, applications and services. We can help you keep ahead of the curve, predicting patterns of bandwidth usage and avoiding spikes in network demand.

Nokia Networks Liquid Net unleashes frozen network capacity into a reservoir of resources. This enables your broadband network to instantly adapt to unpredictable changes in end-user demand and boost the network utilization.

For example, up to 80% of radio baseband capacity can sometimes sit unused in a conventional network. Liquid Net can free up and exploit much of this idle capacity and additionally increase around 65% of existing cell capacity. We can also engineer efficiencies in your core network, reducing energy costs by up to 65% and operating costs by up to 15%. Liquid Net enables you to achieve more flexibility, higher network efficiencies, lower costs and a superior customer experience. We can help you increase customer loyalty and open up new ways to create additional revenues.

Liquid Net uses four principles to create flexible capacity:

  • Self-aware and self-adapting networks
  • Software-defined applications running on multi-purpose hardware
  • Interlinked architecture
  • Evolutionary approach which is transformative but non-disruptive.

What can Nokia Networks offer?

Liquid Net includes the following modules:

> Liquid Broadband

Liquid Broadband brings new ways to create value from your mobile network by making money from content delivery and helping you to use your network resources more efficiently
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> Liquid Radio

We can enable you to eliminate the limitations of conventional radio access network architecture. Together we can set mobile broadband capacity, coverage and services free to flow where they are needed, when they are needed.
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> Liquid Core

We can help your core network dynamically adapt itself to provide the capacity needed to ensure the best customer experience at the lowest cost.
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