Change the game in content delivery

Our advanced content delivery strategy has an abundance of functionality to increase customer satisfaction, generate new revenue and make networks more efficient.

The Nokia Networks Technology Vision 2020 along with the components of change the game in content delivery solution portfolio enable operators to equip their mobile broadband networks to profitably deliver 1 gigabyte of personalized data per user per day. Change the game in content delivery is aligned to three of the six pillars that form part of our Technology Vision 2020:

  • Reducing latency to milliseconds 
  • Personalizing the network experience
  • Creating on-demand networks that are agile and scalable

Nokia Networks continues to extend the functionalities of change the game in content delivery around these key pillars, offering mobile operators an advanced content delivery strategy spanning their entire network. Enriched functionality will enable a compelling and personalized mobile broadband experience across LTE that is delivered in an optimal and efficient manner as well as opening-up new revenue opportunities with Over-The-Top players and content delivery providers.

Liquid Applications from Nokia Networks is an industry first which turns a base station into a powerful and distributed network edge computing capability. It can deliver an ultra responsive mobile broadband experience through accelerated content and services, due to its proximity to end-users. Its ability to gather and pre-process data from the surrounding environment makes it possible to calculate content an individual user will ask for next based on their location, as well as adapting dynamically to changing network behavior and conditions. Liquid Applications is enabled in the base station by the Radio Applications Cloud Server (RACS) which can host different applications, including those from third parties, to offer benefits such as content acceleration, real-time service and operational insights and innovative new services for consumers, enterprise and verticals.

Mobile Traffic Prioritization (MTP) is a new services package focused towards CDN providers. Using dedicated bearer functionality within LTE, content delivery is guaranteed even during times of congestion. This enables content providers to have greater control over the end user experience. Operators and content providers can utilize MTP as a powerful differentiator for new and measurable value creation, boosting user experience over mobile networks for high-value usage and providing end-to-end premium content delivery.

Nokia Networks is the first to launch a virtualized VoLTE core to enable a richer multimedia experience for both voice and data in one network. Our Cloud VoLTE solution consists of IMS, OpenTAS, and HSS. One key benefit of our Cloud VoLTE solution is its service synchronization ability and seamless integration to existing back office components. This is somewhat overlooked during network modernization programs, but the co-existence with legacy equipment, such as existing 2G and 3G networks, is a key challenge to be overcome. To enhance Cloud VoLTE, Nokia Networks also provides its Border Control solution (consisting of the Open Border Gateway), to effectively manage access and connectivity.

The Nokia Networks Quality of Service (QoS) solution portfolio enables end-to-end functionality for application and user class differentiation. QoS is a key component for the operator to provide the next level of differentiation between subscriber categories based on QoS priorities or to provide high quality services (e.g. prioritized connections for SIP signaling for VoLTE and GBR for voice and video calls) and improved experience with the most dominant type of data traffic: video. Utilizing QoS functionality from Nokia Networks allows operators to enhance their current business by prioritizing customers and increasing their loyalty, increasing network utilization and providing better visibility to the user’s Quality of Experience (QoE).

Why Nokia Networks?

Combining years’ of infrastructure experience  and service delivery capabilities with a deep understanding of end-user needs and behaviors, Nokia Networks has assembled a comprehensive portfolio of proven business solutions to help you meet the challenges facing our industry today.

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