Liquid Applications

Liquid Applications fundamentally changes the role of the base station. And it’s not the usual things that you expect to hear, for example, about it being smaller or cheaper. Liquid Applications is about a new capability that just wasn’t there before, that is also unique to the mobile operator’s environment. Unique in the sense that it takes data from inside the base station to create a personalized and contextualized mobile broadband experience. And unique in that it enables the creation of innovative new services that can use proximity and location to connect subscribers and local points of interest, businesses and events.

At the heart of Liquid Applications is the groundbreaking Nokia Radio Applications Cloud Server (RACS). RACS deploys the latest cloud technology and service creation capabilities, running on standard IT middleware, into the base station. RACS provides processing and storage capabilities, together with the ability to collect real-time network data, for example radio conditions, subscriber location, direction of travel and more. This data can be exploited by applications to offer context-relevant services that transform the mobile broadband experience and directly translate that experience into value.

The world’s leading base station just became better !

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Liquid Applications creates user experience enhancements through acceleration, primarily due to content in close proximity that can be delivered faster. This translates into significant throughput and time-to-content improvements that are only possible from the network edge. Liquid Applications also has the ability to extract and process real-time network insights, allowing operators to rapidly move from problem identification to precisely pinpointing the cause of service degradation. Real-time data from Liquid Applications enhances network operations as well as providing deeper insights into customer and network behavior. Liquid Applications is also the catalyst for a new services eco-system around the base station, leveraging from its direct connectivity or local breakout functionality. Direct connectivity is possible to local venues (e.g. stadiums) and private Enterprise networks, with customers connecting over LTE that benefits from a more secure, robust and improved quality of service, as well as new monetization opportunties for the mobile operator.

  • Agile and flexible IT functionality that transforms the base station into an edge computing and content delivery capability
  • Close proximity to the mobile customer enables significant improvements in time-to-content and initial response: in excess of 100% throughput improvement is achievable, from content served from the base station, with download times improved by up to 80%
  • Real-time exploitation of network data, which dynamically responds to changing environment conditions, can transform content, services and applications
  • State-of-the-art middleware for highly distributed application environments and independence from protected 3GPP lifecycles translates into rapid application development and deployment, facilitated by the Nokia Application Factory

Why Nokia Networks?

Combining years’ of infrastructure experience  and service delivery capabilities with a deep understanding of end-user needs and behaviors, Nokia Networks has assembled a comprehensive portfolio of proven business solutions to help you meet the challenges facing our industry today.

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