Governments and Public Safety

Security and reliability in an unpredictable world

As threats to national and international security become more frequent and less predictable, governments and their defense agencies depend more than ever on highly resilient administrative communications networks. They also require a range of customized features (i.e. prioritization mechanisms) and the highest possible levels of support from dedicated teams of qualified and trusted vendor personnel.

Also public sector organizations face a huge variety of challenges, from safeguarding citizens against natural disasters, to countering terrorism and organized crime, to providing municipal services more cost effectively in the face of shrinking budgets.

Nokia Networks helps meet these challenges by offering an LTE portfolio that bridges the divide between commercial and public safety. Based on commercial off-the-shelf hardware, Nokia Networks offers scalable, stable solutions that are fully standardized and interoperable and which currently benefit millions of users around the globe.

LTE for Public Safety

offers a truly cost-effective broadband wireless access and core network that can provide a wide range of services and deliver next generation performance at the lowest possible cost.

> LTE for Public Safety in Europe

> LTE for Public Safety in North America

Border Security

Absolute security and reliability, high capacity, robustness and integration of command and control systems. Read more…