We work with partners in Railway and selected Government business. Each has very specific needs, and they all work in environments where there is little or no margin for error. 

As a result, they require highly customized variants of proven carrier-grade communications technology. And most of them expect their solutions to last much longer than those of telecommunications carriers.

Find out about Nokia Networks solutions specifically dedicated to Railway and Government business:


Travelers and governments around the world are becoming more and more aware of the convenience and environmental benefits of rail transport. If you're a railway infrastructure operator, you'll want to grasp this opportunity of increased capacity.

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Governments and Public Safety

As threats to national and international security become more frequent and less predictable, governments and their devence agencies depend on more than ever on higly resilient administrative communications networks.

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Performance from partnering

As the world's specialist in mobile broadband, we'll help you to enable your end users to do more than ever before with the world's most effective mobile networks, the intelligence to maximize their value and the services to make it all work together.

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