Norwegian railway strengthens communications network, passenger safety

Oslo, Norway – March 6, 2012


Nokia Siemens Networks provides core network platforms with automatic traffic sharing functionality to ensure uninterrupted communications

Jernbaneverket, the Norwegian national rail administration, is strengthening its GSM-R (GSM railway) core network by using Nokia Siemens Networks’ core network elements with load sharing functionality. Nokia Siemens Networks will upgrade the existing core network elements at the primary site and deploy an additional core network platform. This additional network at a distant location will carry the full traffic in case of any disaster or during maintenance activities at the primary site.

“We wanted to further improve the quality of our railway communications by ensuring high availability of the GSM-R network. This will enhance efficiency of our railway operations, minimize train delays and improve safety of our passengers,” said Svein Erik Rasmussen, commercial manager, Jernbaneverket. “To achieve this, Nokia Siemens Networks’ core network platform with load sharing functionality will provide a reliable communications network for us.”

“As communications and control is critical to railway operations, it’s important for operators to deploy an upgraded core network that can back up as well as share network traffic increasing the reliability of the overall system,” said Terje Hoemsnes, head of the Jernbaneverket customer team at Nokia Siemens Networks. “Our advanced core network platforms with load sharing functionality will ensure that the network elements work as an active as well as a backup system. This will help Jernbaneverket avoid overload in the network, reduce or eliminate downtime during maintenance activities or any disaster and strengthen reliability of communications.”

Under the contract, Nokia Siemens Networks will upgrade Jernbaneverket’s existing R99 core platform with its R4 core platform at the primary site in Trondheim. The company will also deploy an R4 platform to build a backup network at a distant location. This platform comprises mobile softswitch, mobile gateway and circuit switched data server with load sharing functionality. As part of building the additional core network, the company will also provide its Railway@vantage 5.0 intelligent network (IN) platforms with load sharing functionality. As part of the contract, new dispatcher terminals will also be delivered to modernize Jernbaneverket’s core network.

Nokia Siemens Networks will also provide its subscriber data management platform*, including the One-NDS subscriber profile repository and the NT-HLR (New Technology Home Location Register). In addition, the company will integrate its virtualized network management system, NetAct to provide consolidated configuration and monitoring in the GSM-R network. Planning, implementation, and full set of hardware and software services from Nokia Siemens Networks are also part of the contract. These services will ensure a rapid and smooth rollout of the core network for Jernbaneverket.

Nokia Siemens Networks is leading the global GSM-R market with 60% share. More information, including short videos featuring one of its customers and onboard passenger experience, is available online.

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*Nokia Siemens Networks’ industry leading Subscriber Data Management (SDM) platform is based on its One-NDS, an open, real-time subscriber data repository. SDM puts operators in control of their most valuable asset – customer data. It has been deployed by over 145 operators serving over 2.9 billion subscribers worldwide. One-NDS is a key element of Nokia Siemens Networks’ Customer Experience Management portfolio an end-to-end offering that helps operators analyze, act and monetize the wealth of customer data available to them across their organization. It aids data collection and consolidation to improve the user experience. This helps operators support end-user demands at the right time and the right place, improving the individual communications experience.

Nokia Siemens Networks’ SDM, including One-NDS and NT-HLR (New Technology Home Location Register), is a central entity for mobile communication networks. It hosts all relevant subscriber information as well as network and mobility application information needed to allow a completely seamless communication in GSM, UMTS and LTE networks worldwide. SDM architecture is based on the concept of separating application service logic (data less NT HLR front end) and application data (One-NDS). Because of this architecture the solution scales flexibly and is highly reliable, providing new value adding functionalities for operators.