Clarification on Nokia Siemens Networks’ business in Iran

Press Statement
September 28, 2010


On September 4, 2010, representatives from Nokia Siemens Networks, including executive board member Barry French, met with the Iranian human rights lawyer Dr. Shirin Ebadi.
Dr. Ebadi asked that Nokia Siemens Networks clarify its position on its business in Iran.

On behalf of the company, Mr. French made the following points:

  • Nokia Siemens Networks is aware of credible reports that the Iranian authorities use communications technology to suppress political activity in a way that is inconsistent with that government’s human rights obligations.
  • As a result of these credible reports, Nokia Siemens Networks halted all work related to monitoring centers in Iran in 2009. Nokia Siemens Networks divested its monitoring center business in 2009 and will no longer provide monitoring centers to any country.
  • The company has voluntarily restricted its business in Iran by not seeking or accepting new customers and by limiting its activities with its current customers.
  • Prior to providing a monitoring center to an Iranian mobile operator in 2008, the company believes it should have better understood the possible implications for human rights in Iran.
  • Where Nokia Siemens Networks does business it expects that the technology it provides, legally and in good faith, will be used in ways that are consistent with the relevant human rights obligations.
  • Nokia Siemens Networks strives to ensure that any technology it provides is used in a way that is consistent with the company’s Code of Conduct and human rights policies.

For further background about the company’s activities in Iran please see our 2009 corporate responsibility report and the statement given in June to the European Parliament’s subcommittee on human rights.

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