Virtual tour of the latest innovations from the mobile broadband specialist

Welcome to our tour of how NSN delivers high performance for a world in motion™. The videos demonstrate how we help operators grow their capacity, simplify their operations, win with customer experience and change the game in content delivery.

Performance for a world in motion™

Barry French, Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs at NSN, welcomes you to our stand at MWC14.

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Lorant Nemeth shows how Software-defined networking (SDN) in mobile networks enables operators to offer their subscribers the same user experience wherever they go.

Agnieszka Szufarska explains what 5G will mean and the steps we are taking towards making it commercially available.

Ajit Kahaduwe introduces Big Data Analytics, one of our FutureWorks demos that bring NSN’s Technology Vision 2020 to life.

Andy Burrell demonstrates services for OTT which helps operators address the challenge of over-the-top applications.

Paul Norkus shows how traffic steering and smart Wi-Fi is used to move broadband traffic between 4G, 3G and Wi-Fi and how can we maximize customer value.

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Ester Navarro, demonstrates how network function virtualization can save operators up to 30% of total cost of ownership when compared to traditional networks.

Perry Suojoki explains why Liquid Radio is all about discovering the performance for the world in motion.

Stephane Daeuble explains that although Flexi Zone is already the most advanced small cells solution, we are now increasing its capabilities to make it even more versatile and to enable indoor small cell deployment.

Arne Schaelicke demonstrates how the evolution of LTE is continuing the trend of higher bandwidth for end users.

Ashish Dayama on linking up with the US operator Sprint to accomplish a huge leap in TD-LTE network speeds, demonstrating 2.6 gigabits per second throughput over a single sector.

Jose Gama explains how services for HetNets help operators to transfer an existing network into a Heterogeneous Network

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Norbert Mersch gives an overview of three OSS for the cloud era demonstrations.

Miia Toivola introduces the Net Promoter Score a simple and powerful customer loyalty measure that helps operators to improve customer experience.

Carlijn Adema shows how predictive operations can help operators to forecast network and service degradations in advance so subscribers are not affected.

Ashish Nainwal introduces our GSMA award winning iSON and traffic steering solution.

Rob McManus outlines how Liquid applications transform the delivery of content, and enhance mobile subscribers’ experience. 

Shelley Schlueter shows that with our Device Portfolio Analyzer, operators can see how different device models are trending, migration patterns to and from specific device models and make informed business decisions on how to develop their own device portfolio or ways to market specific devices.

Jai Thattil explains how our Umbrella Customer Experience Management solution helps an operator to benchmark its affiliates and influence the group level strategy and business decisions.

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Faris Al-Katib introduces our Network security demo and how it addresses LTE network security threats.

Sari Kivinen on end-user security, specifically Mobile Guard which offers a new way for operators build revenue while protecting their customers.

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