Health and safety in our global services business

Some of the highest safety risks in our business are Global Services business. This includes:

  • Network Implementation - constructing and installing base stations
  • Care - maintenance and technical support
  • Managed Services - outsourced network management.

Our Global Services health and safety program aims to improve the health and safety practices of everyone working in the business. We subcontract much of the work involved in installing network equipment and we work to improve safety among our contractors. Training on contractors’ health and safety management is mandatory for Global Services procurement employees who have a crucial role in promoting safety awareness and performance.

The program provides a set of health and safety guidelines, policies and procedures for contractor management. This is designed to help create a safer working environment and meet our customers’ requirements.

Global Services health and safety program

Our Global Services health and safety program covers safety assessments and management at four key project stages:

  • Retain – our procurement teams carry out preliminary health and safety risk assessments, and documentation reviews of the subcontractors self assessments before they can qualify to work on projects.
  • Plan – our project managers / Health and Safety Advisors conduct health and safety induction training sessions with the workers involved in the project (our own employees or subcontractors). This ensures everyone is aware of the health and safety standards required by Nokia Networks and the local legislation.
  • Execute – subcontractors develop and submit a site-specific health and safety program, which must be approved by Nokia Networks before work begins. Project managers or health and safety specialists carry out random inspections throughout the duration of the project to ensure requirements are met.
  • Control – our project managers regularly monitor and report accident rates, inspections results and any breaches of our requirements identified to the health and safety team.