Health and Safety

Health and safety is a priority for Nokia Networks. Good health and safety performance is a customer requirement and is a particular focus because we operate in some difficult and challenging environments. Employees and contractors can face significant risks, including installing and maintaining equipment at height or in confined spaces, and constructing base station towers.

We aim to assess and manage risks effectively using a robust management system with a strong focus on the highest risks. Risks are highest in our Global Services business where work is often done by contractors and much of it is in emerging markets. Our Global Services health and safety program addresses these risks.

Employees are trained to recognize, report and avoid incidents where possible, and we are working hard to build a culture where everyone accepts responsibility for safe working. This includes collaborating with customers, contractors and other business partners to help them achieve the same high standards.

Our Health, Safety and Security (HSS) team is responsible for occupational health and safety, employee security, business continuity and risk management, and information security.

Our Health and Safety Policy clearly defines our responsibilities. We have health and safety managers in each region. They use our health and safety workbook to ensure the same fundamental standards are applied in every country where we operate, but allowing adaptation to meet local regulations where necessary.

External standards

Internal assessments help us gauge the maturity level of our health and safety management system in each country, set appropriate targets based on risk, and develop a strategy.

Our global guidelines on health and safety management are aligned with OHSAS 18001 and we are working towards companywide certification to this standard.

We collect health and safety data at country level and use a global reporting tool to gather consistent information on accidents. This helps develop a greater understanding of the accident rates in different businesses and locations, plan corrective actions and target the highest risks where we can make the biggest impact.

Working with Suppliers

Nokia Networks has a long-standing commitment to Health and Safety and safe working condition leadership. However, we also recognise that our responsibility and our influence must extend well beyond our own operations. We expect our suppliers to meet the same high standards we set for ourselves.

Via our supplier base we have a unique opportunity to positively contribute to the Health and Safety culture of our Suppliers worldwide. In order to mitigate risks and prevent incidents we already have various activities in place in our supplier management, such as request for information, supplier audits, supplier performance evaluation, supplier workshops.

In addition, Nokia Networks is introducing Consequence Management for our Suppliers who do not meet our Health and Safety requirements, making it clear that failing to demonstrate robust safety management can trigger the termination of contract and phase out of supplier.

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