Environmental management

Our global environmental management system (EMS) helps us monitor performance and identify ways to improve. It includes monitoring against targets that aim for continual improvement, supported by regular audits and management review.

We have companywide ISO14001 certification, covering all facilities and activities. This will help to drive more environmental improvements throughout the company. Each area of the business is responsible for identifying improvements within its control. 

EMS is based on the environmental policy approved by the Executive Board and available in seven languages. Environmental Standard Operating Procedures state how the policy will be achieved and each business unit and function has its own specific Environmental Guidelines. We set targets in key areas and measure our performance through a set of key performance indicators (see Sustainability Report). 

Engaging employees

We rely on employees to help us meet our environmental performance by being conscious of energy and resource use in the workplace. We are committed to promoting the idea of the ‘environmentally sustainable office’. We provide online training and web campaigns for employees, to raise awareness of key sustainability issues and the role everyone can play.

Employees receive regular training on environmental issues relevant to their roles, which covers our environmental policy and strategy.