Minimizing product impacts

Our products inevitably affect the environment because making, distributing and operating them uses energy and other resources. Expanding our business to meet the world’s growing demand for communications will increase the total impact, making it essential to improve resource efficiency and use more renewable energy.

Some of the substances used in our products can be harmful if they are not managed properly, as can the disposal of products at the end of their lives.

Our product development processes integrate Design for Environment principles to minimize impacts throughout the lifecycle, including at the end of their life.

Energy-efficient technology
Products’ energy consumption during use is a priority because the use phase is responsible for at least three-quarters of total lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions. For a typical urban site in Europe, a lifecycle assessment found that the use phase accounts for 84 percent of global warming potential.

Our award-winning Flexi base station leads the market in energy efficiency. We continue to introduce enhancements that achieve further savings, including low-power servers and controllers, software and solutions to provide more capacity with less power.

Energy solutions
Our energy management solutions portfolio brings together innovative products, proven services capabilities and global reach, and leading software and technologies to reduce network power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and use innovative greener alternatives for an environmentally friendly energy production.

These are competitive factors because they help operators meet three main objectives:

  • Expanding into areas with no grid or an unreliable grid supply
  • Reducing operating costs through more efficient energy consumption
  • Cutting greenhouse gas emissions to meet climate change targets.

Renewable energy is particularly important because it is estimated that 75,000 off-grid sites will be built each year in developing countries over the next few years. These sites have traditionally been powered by diesel generators but they are often in remote areas that are difficult to reach. This makes it hard to provide regular diesel supplies for the generators and diesel is also often lost due to theft. Renewable energy is an attractive alternative.

Nokia Networks Energy Solutions approach is based on 3 main pillars:

Focus: focusing on what operators really need.  A personalized analysis assessing their own entire energy estate, with a full range of solutions for new and legacy sites. With our turnkey offering, we take care of the design, delivery, implementation, care, operations and training aspects.

Innovation within the energy arena is a must, and we’re committed to finding out and always applying best in class products and solutions for our customers (e.g. Solar Foils).

Quality: this is part of whatever we do. From product verification, testing and homologation to best in class services, processes and practices, which have enabled us to apply energy efficient measures to mobile broadband sites all over the world.