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Sustainability at Nokia Networks

Our sustainability strategy is to mitigate risks, minimize environmental impacts and maximize our positive contribution. We focus on three key stakeholders: our employees, our customers and our planet.

Code of conduct

The Nokia Networks Code of Conduct outlines our commitment to high ethical standards.

Ethics and human rights

Our Code of Conduct commits us to uphold the highest standards of ethical business conduct and respect for human rights.


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environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability

We aim to make a positive contribution, saving energy, water and other resources, and helping to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Minimizing the impact of our operations

We are improving our energy efficiency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, aiming to cut CO2 from buildings 30 percent below the 2007 level by 2012.


Minimizing product impacts

Our base stations lead the industry in energy efficiency but the greatest contribution we can make to fighting climate change is to use our expertise to help build a low carbon economy beyond the ICT sector.

social sustainability

Social sustainability

Communications technologies stimulate social and economic development. We do business ethically and aim to ensure we have a positive influence on our employees, our partners and the communities we work in.

Community involvement

We aim to support communities by increasing access to information and communications technology and contributing to disaster relief efforts.


We aim to create an inclusive working environment where everyone feels valued, motivated and able to reach their full potential.


We expect suppliers to meet the same high standards we set for ourselves, and we work with them to monitor compliance and improve capability.