Peter's corner, June 2009

Welcome to Peter’s Corner. The aim is to update you with some of our most important news and developments, and to provide a short commentary on those.


Peter Kuhne

I would like to focus this time on some of the steps that we are taking to make the transition towards packet based transport solutions.  We know that many of you have a large installed base of customers with TDM based technologies and that these will continue to provide your bread and butter business for years to come.  At the same time we are aware that customers are demanding increased bandwidth and services, and that TDM cannot provide those cost-effectively.

For example, in this edition of our Partner Newsletter you
can find an article about Dynanet + and how it brings new bandwidth and functionality to our existing range of Dynanet products.

We are also developing new solutions in the Carrier Ethernet Transport and Next Generation Metro areas to help support the evolution to packed based transport and you will be able to learn more about these at our forthcoming Sales Partner Conference.

We have already reached a position as the leading provider of 40Gbps optical networks (source: Ovum report) and are continuing to invest in this technology as a solution to future traffic growth challenges - not only for carriers, but also for dedicated networks.  The latest 4.2 release of our hiT 7300 provides the most compact (seven modules per sub-rack) and cost-efficient 40Gbps platform in the industry.  This allows your customers to simplify network: reducing network elements, rental space and power consumption while increasing reliability, resulting in lower operating costs.

The new 4.2 release of our hiT 7080 Multi-service Provisioning Platform provides high capacity while delivering significant savings in space and energy costs for customers.  It supports any kind of service, from TDM to Ethernet functionality, metro to core.  The port density is doubled to 16 which reduces the number of extra cards and platforms required, therefore generating operational savings in terms of space and power consumption.

At our Sales Partner Conference there will be a number of senior representatives from our Broadband Connectivity Services business unit.  Please take this opportunity to ask questions of them and engage in a dialogue about future trends in broadband technologies.

Warm regards,
Peter Kühne,
head of indirect sales channel