BruskNet rolls out WiMAX network in Iraq

The Greenfield deployment will create a robust and cost effective mobile communications network in the war torn country

As Iraq struggles to build up its infrastructure from ground up, local Internet Service Provider (ISP), BruskNet has deployed 20 WiMAX base station sites in Sulaymaniyah, a district situated in the northern part of the country. The network will provide as close to a 3G mobile broadband experience to subscribers. The decision to opt for a WiMAX network was driven by its relatively low cost of deployment vis-à-vis GSM, DSL or Fiber-Optic. Thanks to WiMAX, BruskNet will now be able to provide broadband in a place previously thought economically unviable.

The ISP awarded this complex project to Nokia Siemens Networks’ channel partner GTN/Hayat Communications. Thereafter GTN/Hayat Communications evaluated a couple of vendors it enjoyed a relationship with to decide upon the ideal solution. GTN/Hayat Communications chose Nokia Siemens Networks since it offered good network planning support that would enable it to complete the deployment in this difficult terrain as smoothly as possible.

“The most important criteria for us over and above a cost efficient deployment was the flexibility and speed the implementation partner would offer us,” said Ms. Nawal Najem, BruskNet. “GTN/Hayat Communications more than lived up to the task, preparing us for a soft launch within three months. With things progressing as per plan, we hope to have the network running on full capacity by end of the year.”

So satisfied has BruskNet been with the current deployment that when the ISP looked to expand the network by another 30 sites, it looked no further than GTN/Hayat Communications and Nokia Siemens Networks.