Latin America

We are an industry leader in Latin America, with a large share of wallet and share of mind with all major incumbents in the region. We are the undisputed leaders in Services in Latin America with a sizable share of the Managed Services market.

We are a world leader in LTE and we are certain we have unique credentials to capture most LTE deals in the region and continue to grow our 2G and 3G businesses.

We also have a unique Business Solutions portfolio and consultative approach, and we are certain that we will be at the forefront of helping our customers in Latin America to explore more value from each link to the telecommunications value chain.

We are the result of a successful merger with a great positioning, great portfolio, great values and, more than anything else, great professionals who are fully committed to ensure that our customers and their end users always have the best services.

Our market

Placed into one of the most dynamic telecommunication's markets in the world, Nokia Networks Latin America has the challenge to provide and support the initiatives and projects of all our clients around the region, contributing with our portfolio to design, build, promote and continue with the development of the telecommunications in our countries.

Communication Services Providers in the region are monetized and aggressive players and their businesses have been growing – the consensus predictions for 2014 point to an average annual growth of 9% in Latin America - and getting far more complex, with data services,  smartphones, LTE, TV, etc.

They are also inserted in a very competitive business and are very eager to grow and capture more value from their end users by providing them with more and better services. A few quotes from their recent quarterly reports show exactly that:

"Service quality is the first priority and the first service which should have excellent quality is voice. […] Quality involves capacity, coverage, architecture and full IP optical network."

"We are focusing on improving user satisfaction in mobile broadband services."

External drivers for growth will also play a major role and present us with many more opportunities. Mega sport events in Brazil like the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics will generate huge demands on infrastructure and our customers know that. Add to that equation the arrival of LTE - which is expected to grow at an annual rate of 30% until 2014 - to the region that should happen between 2011-2012. And the growing challenge of smartphones and tablet-like devices that are still very much incipient in Latin America, and the stage is set for us to make history in the region.

Where you can find us?

  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Ecuador
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Venezuela

Our most important products and services

  • LTE
  • 3G
  • 2G
  • Professional Services
  • Mobile Broadband
  • Core, Software  products and Consultancy (BSO)
  • IP Transport
  • Broadband Access
  • Managed Services

Our key Customer Business Teams

  • América Móvil/Telmex
  • Telefónica
  • Oi
  • Nextel
  • Local Operators