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We’ve focused our business on mobile broadband. This is our speciality. We help mobile operators grow profitable businesses that realize the extraordinary potential of mobile broadband. The work that we do powers some of the most exciting opportunities for our generation and will do so for generations to come.

As previously announced, as a result of the debt securities Nokia Networks issued in March 2013 and redeemed in June 2014, Nokia Networks was committed to making certain financial data publicly available through its standalone reporting format as long as the notes were outstanding. For financial data of Nokia Networks from the second quarter 2014 onwards, please see the relevant information published as part of Nokia’s financial reporting.

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Please see the Interim Reports of Nokia including Nokia Networks* related financial information at: Nokia/investors

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* Nokia Solutions and Networks, also referred to as NSN, was renamed as Nokia Networks and will operate under the Nokia brand. The figures presented on a Nokia Networks standalone basis in this Interim Report may differ from those reported by Nokia Corporation (‘Nokia’) due to the treatment of discontinued operations and certain accounting presentation differences. In addition, the presentation of underlying business performance information by Nokia and Networks differs due to presentation differences adopted by Nokia (non-IFRS information) and Networks (information before specific items) and the items excluded by each in their respective presentations.