AnninaManager, Production Planning

What kind of tasks have you performed as a summer trainee at Nokia Networks?

At the beginning of my studies at the university I got a summer job in visual quality control of base station production. My job was to inspect the components on a circuit board and the quality of the soldering using a microscope and to fix any possible soldering faults and record them.

When I advanced in my studies, I got a summer job in production planning. My tasks included the planning and controlling of manufacturing as well as follow-up and reporting of production. I did my Master´s thesis on cost accounting in production, and after graduation I got an offer of a permanent position in production planning.

How did the traineeship match up to your expectations?

My traineeship and studies supported one another well. I majored in industrial engineering and management, so the trainee positions first in the production line and later in production planning were really beneficial for my studies. It was also great to have a chance to put the skills I'd practiced to the test in real life.

It was nice to notice that it was possible even for a summer trainee to move up, to take on new tasks and challenges within the company. Of course, you must have a good track record and take the initiative in looking for opportunities.