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My name is Gerhard Frischholz. And I’m part of something pioneering.

When I started at Nokia Networks, I was given an exciting challenge.

Working as part of a global team, our job was to come up with new and better ways for everyone in the company to communicate. The idea was to bring all of our different regional offices closer together by giving them a place where they could exchange information and share knowledge.

To make this work, we knew we couldn’t just rely on the old ways of working. We had to come up with something completely different.

I have my own personal website, which shares my opinions on various stocks and other investments. As the site evolved, I found myself using more and more social web applications to collaborate with others who have similar interests. So I knew that this would be a good place to start.

The project has come to life through features like blogs, wikis and discussion forums. We’ve also come up with a couple of really innovative features of our own. Like our video-sharing website, where anyone in the company can film a short presentation and post it online.

Of course, there’s no point setting up all of these new features if people don’t use them. So a big part of our job was education. We had to change people’s habits and get them used to the new ways of sharing information. And so far I’ve been really pleased with the response.

For me, one of the best things about the project was how helpful and supportive people have been. Everyone has been open to change and trying out new things. At every stage, we felt like we were blazing new trails.

It goes to show what a pioneering company Nokia Networks is. I think that’s what makes our company such a great place to work.

Are you ready to be part of something pioneering?

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