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Global teams

From Argentina to Zambia, USA to Japan, we take strength from the shared values of a diverse workforce that circles the globe.

With employees and operations in over 150 countries, we are truly an international company, with thousands of teams working daily in practically every time zone.

Lead a conference call with Helsinki in the morning, and participate on a Beijing video conference in the afternoon. At Nokia Networks, you will find the opportunity to engage with people from around the world, providing valuable opportunities to share and exchange ideas, values and cultures.

Through the use of advanced tools and applications supporting virtual teaming, collaboration, and remote working, Nokia Networks provides more opportunities to create your ideal work environment and facilitates the development of global work teams.

Combine these collaborative technologies with mobile email, instant messaging and other communication solutions and you’ll experience a high degree of workplace flexibility.

Now that you know about global teams, learn more about making a truly international career.